Guarded Key


Guard your passwords and webpage accesses with a click



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Guarded Key is an app that allows you to log in to any webpage with just one click on the right button.

To do so, you first need to set it up with different entries including the name of the webpage and your corresponding username and password. That creates a button within the program's main menu which, once you press it, automatically identifies you.

All of this is available in a portable application, meaning that it doesn't require any installation: in fact, you can bring it along with you anywhere on a USB device. Naturally, the app itself is password-protected, so don't forget the master password because you'll need to enter it each time you open the program.

Guarded Key is a useful tool for anyone with a lot of accounts on different websites. Thanks to this app, logging in to any one of them is faster and easier than ever.

60-day trial.

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